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A capacitor is an electrical component

that stores electrical charge and

therefore electrical energy.

Capacitors are used in many electrical

installations and in almost all electrical

and electronic equipment.

We distinguish according to: Motor run capacitors: They are used on the single-phase motor or on the three-phase motor, which is operated on the single- phase network.Motor Operating Capacitors are used to improve the power factor of a motor when it has reached its rated output. These capacitors are constantly connected to the motor winding (COMAR: MK / MKA series). Motor starter capacitors: They are used on single-phase motors with auxiliary phase when high torque is required. These capacitors may only be switched on briefly during the startup process. When the speed is reached, they are switched off by centrifugal switches or electronic start-up relays (COMAR: Series EL). Suppressor capacitors: They are used in electrical or electronic devices to reduce electromagnetic interference that negatively affects radio reception.