Shaft grounding

The AEGIS® SGR shaft grounding ring protects the life of your motor bearings.

AEGIS® SGR shaft grounding systems prevent electrical bearing damage by channeling harmful shaft voltages away from the bearings and safely to ground.

Motors operated by variable frequency drives (VFD) are vulnerable to VFD-induced shaft voltages and bearing currents that can cause premature bearing failure.

Once these shaft voltages and high frequency currents overcome the resistance of the bearing lubricant, they discharge through the motor bearings, burning bearing grease.

These discharges could also cause pitting, fluting damage to the motor’s bearings and eventual bearing failure.

Using Electron Transport Technology®, the conductive microfibers within AEGIS® SGR provide the path of least resistance and significantly increase engine life.

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Save your bearings with AEGIS® SGR shaft grounding.

With more than 30 years of experience in topics such as AEGIS® SGR shaft grounding, shaft earthing, bearing protection and many other topics, D.E. Marl Industrievertretungen ensures trouble-free solutions for our satisfied customers from industry, trade, shipping or wind power.

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