PT1000 sensors

PT1000 sensors for accurate temperature measurement

Like the PT100 sensors, our PT1000 sensors are typically used in industrial applications where extremely accurate temperature measurement is required.

The PT1000 Platinum Sensor is a temperature-dependent sensor element. If the temperature rises, the resistance of the PT1000 sensor increases (1000 Ω at 0° C according to DIN EN 60751). Its characteristic is also linear like the PT100.

Whether a PT100 or PT1000 is used depends on the particular application and the specifications of the engine manufacturer. From a technical point of view, the use of a PT1000 sensor in a 2-wire circuit can make sense, depending on how long the connection cable is. Namely, the greater the length of the connection cable, the greater the negative effect of the line resistance on the accuracy of the measurement result. However, this effect is much lower for the PT1000 sensor than for the PT100.

In the medium term, the PT1000 sensors replace the KTY sensors because the basic components of the KTY are no longer manufactured. That is why we have also added various types of PT1000 sensors to our product range.

PT1000 2000mm
PT1000 2-wire circuit
PT1000 secure separation
PT1000 "secure separation"
Characteristic: PTC/PT100/PT1000/KTY

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