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With our special product range, we offer suitable solutions for industry, craft business, marine

industry or wind power plants.

Over 3000 articles relating to power transmission, sensor technology, electronics and shaft grounding constantly for you in stock. Same day shipment.

Power transmissiom.

When power is transmitted, brush holders, carbon brushes and sliprings or commutators - they all have to fit together. With us you get everything out of one hand.

Sensor technology.

Here you will find all common thermal protectors like PTC, PT100, PT1000, KTY and bimetal-switches. In addition, electric band heaters to protect against condensation.

Shaft grounding - AEGIS



Benefit from reduced downtime, improved production and increased reliability - by installing the AEGIS® SGR bearing protection ring on the engine.


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We stock a very extensive range of switches, plugs, brake rectifiers and capacitors.


If you want to know more - here you can download wiring diagrams and additional technical information.